For now, Accomack County residents will no longer be able to recycle glass. Signs appeared at convenience centers on August 13 stating that the County will no longer accept glass for recycling.

Accomack County Deputy Public Works Director Stewart Hall said that due to high costs associated with recycling glass, a new processing fee would be imposed by the County’s recycling contractor TFC.

Hall said, “the processing fees are in addition to what we were already paying for the service which is approximately $12,000 per year after rebates.   Our landfill tipping fee is $75 per ton. “

There was a conference call with TFC on July 31 and Hall asked if there were any options that could lower the fee. They suggested removing glass from the waste stream as they no longer have a market for it. A negotiated price is now $70 per ton with glass removed.

Hall said “apparently this is an international problem.  If you google NBC Nightly News and recycling you’ll see a story that aired on June 25. There was also a series of stories in the Virginian Pilot.”

While the situation remains fluid, for now, plastic and paper can still be recycled at Accomack County Convenience Centers but not glass. But because there is a glut of recyclable materials worldwide, further changes could occur which could result in more trash in local landfills.