RICHMOND, Va. (AP)- Local governments across Virginia are set to start receiving their first share of federal funding designated to cover spending related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Virginia got about $3.1 billion from the federal CARES Act and opted to give half to localities with fewer than 500,000 people, The Virginian-Pilot reported over the weekend.

A little less than half of what’s been set aside for the cities and counties should be paid around June 1.

Finance Secretary Aubrey Layne told the newspaper the funding for this round was allocated based on the locality’s proportion of the statewide population, but that could change in the next round.

  • Accomack Co share is $ 2,819,446 (based on population)
  • Northampton should expect approximately. 997,650 (based on population)
  • Funds cannot be used to make up for lost revenue . Must be shared with the incorporated towns (will be using town population) – which is calculated to be $ 779,426
  • Allocations for towns will be on a reimbursement basis since the County is responsible for compliance for the full allocation of funds provided
  • Must be spent in full by December 31, 2020


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