Counties exploring joining Hampton Roads Sanitation District – Part 2

October 29, 2019

This week we are looking at a proposal by the Hampton Roads Sanitation District to provide sewage treatment services to the Eastern Shore

Yesterday we defined what the HRSD is and how it works. Today we will look at what has to be done to get the project started.

Will every town get service?

As of now the project is scheduled to be completed in three phases. he first phase will be from Onancock to Nassawadox including Exmore and with a new spur to the town of Accomac.   The second phase would move service into northern Accomack County including Chincoteague. The third phase would include the towns of Cape Charles, Cheriton and Eastville using the Cape Charles sewage treatment facility.

How do the counties and towns get started?

Joining the HRSD would require a petition to the local circuit court.   Each incorporated town and the county would have to be included individually.

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What does it mean to opt in or opt out.

Opting in will give the incorporated town the option to join the system at a later date if desired.

If my town is not on the list of possible candidates for service why should we opt in?

Again, joining the county and opting in will allow the towns to be a part of the original court petition.

If my town opts out can it join the system later?

Yes but the town would have to pay for all of the legal work and petition the court to join the system at a later date. There is no guarantee that the HRSD would accept individual applications.   By opting in, the town would have the option to join the system later if they desire to do so at that time.

Would opting in require a town to hook up to the system?

No it would not. The individual towns would have the option to join the system or not join in the future. Opting in will place no obligations whatsoever on the towns that do so. Again, any costs to hook up a town to the system would be determined by the individual town councils.   Public hearings would be held and town residents would have every opportunity to participate in the decision making.

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What is the timetable for opting in or out?

Because the deadline for state funding is January 16, 2020 the towns must decide what they want to do before December 31, 2019.


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