Here are some facts about the coronavirus in Virginia and the Eastern Shore

  • Virginia’s total population is 8,500,000.
  • As of 4 pm. Tuesday March 17 there were 67 reported cases of coronavirus in the entire state. Over half of the cases are in Northern Virginia with some in the James City County area.  So far no cases have been reported on the Eastern Shore. There have been  1028 tests  so the total case number is likely to increase.
  • There have been two fatalities.
  •  In Maryland there are a total of 57 cases reported to be active  statewide at this time. There is one case in Talbot County on the Eastern Shore
  • The fatality rate of those who contract coronavirus is currently approximately 1 %.
  • 99% of those who contract the virus will recover completely. Most will have mild symptoms.
  • All residents need to follow recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • There is no need at all to panic.