TASLEY, Va. – Because of the serious nature of the community’s health and welfare, A&N Electric Cooperative understands the hardship its members are facing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Until further notice, disconnections and related fees will be waived for residential members as we all work through the current state of emergency.

The cooperative will also be working closely with its businesses members, small and large commercial and the agricultural community.

A&N Electric asks that, due to each member’s individual situation, you contact the cooperative to discuss your situation and how we can help find a solution. Members directly affected by the public health emergency are urged to reach out to one of the Member Service Representatives at 757-787-9750 or by using the “Contact Us” feature at anec.com.

Awareness of energy usage is key to managing costs. Members need to be aware that weather and home activities will change your usage during these unique situations. The cooperative has tools online that can provide information to reduce usage.

For those members that have had their meter updated, there is weekly and daily usage information that can be used to predict future bills and usage. This information can be accessed through SmartHub either online or through the free mobile app.

In addition, programs such as budget billing can help to ease the stress of these times. Online features such as AutoPay and other online payment options help to save time and provide some peace of mind during the current restrictions.

“All of us at A&N Electric Cooperative know that this issue is a cause for concern,” said Jay Diem. “Please be assured that as circumstances continue to develop, we will make decisions with the highest regard for the health and well-being of our members and employees.”