By Wesley Edwards

Sonny Kelly of Sanford was convicted on October 3, 2017 of receiving stolen goods after the victim drove by Kelly’s home observing the stolen washer and dryer in his backyard. All of the items stolen except the washer and dryer were in Kelly’s home except the washer and dryer when deputies made the arrest.

Kelly’s wife Sharon Symankiewics, a codefendant in receiving of stolen property, was in Accomack County Circuit Court on Thursday with her court appointed attorney Tucker Watson asking that he be removed from her case and a new attorney be appointed.

Watson asked Symankiewics to take the stand and tell the judge why she wanted a new attorney. After being sworn in she told judge Lewis that Watson asked too many questions about Sonny creating doubt if he was going to represent her properly. Watson then told judge Lewis that he had explained to her what evidence would be permitted from her husband’s case and that was the extent of questions about the co-defendant Sonny Kelly. She claimed that Tucker Watson did not like Sonny.

Judge Lewis told the defendant that he did not believe that she could hire or obtain a lawyer who would not ask questions about her husband’s trial before representing her therefore he was going to dismiss the motion to have Mr. Watson replaced. Lewis then told the defendant that she could hire any attorney she desired who would notify Mr. Watson who would notify the court of the change in representation as long as it was done on or before December 1, 2017.