One of the main subjects discussed at Monday night’s public information session at the Wallops Visitors Center was Chincoteague Island’s well water.   Jeremy Eggers, Chief of Communications for Wallops assured those in attendance that there are mid and long term solutions for the problem in play. Eggers said that after a year of testing Chincoteague well water for harmful chemical compounds, all tests have consistently come back clear.

Eggers said that Wallops is looking at putting a water filtration system on the town’s wells on Wallops as a mid term solution but in the long run new wells are being planned on the South end of the Wallops property.

The upcoming U.S. Navy Field Carrier Landing Practice was also discussed. Ten to 20 pilots are put through training for 10 days at the Wallops Facility. The pilots practice landing on a marked runway that simulates conditions they will face landing on an aircraft carrier. Commander Ryan Overholtzer said that while the day and night practice landings can get noisey at times, he believes most of the community has gotten used to the training which is in it’s fifth year. Overholtzer said the practices are generally conducted once per quarter.


Alexa WESR