By Wesley Edwards

Daniel Newman of Chincoteague was in Accomack County Circuit Court on Monday to be sentenced for burglary and grand larceny which occurred in May of 2016.

Carly Hat, a friend and neighbor, was the victim and testified on Monday that Newman stole more than $20,000 worth of her lifetime collection of jewelry and that she was only reimbursed by insurance for $7000 and received any additional $1,000 from the defendant as his part of the restitution. She told the court that she had moved here from Southern California in 2005 and that this incident and caused her to be uncomfortable and feel unsafe in her own home. She also testified that prior to being violated by Newman she never locked her doors but now, not only did she lock them, she had had all of the door locks changed.

Defense attorney Teresa Bliss told the court that the defendant recently had a stroke and was in very poor health taking large amounts of medication. Bliss told the court that the guidelines were probation with no incarceration based on his record. Bliss also told the court as everyone could see the defendant was very dependent on a walker and someone else to help him have any mobility whatsoever and this condition would be a hardship on the jail due to his physical condition and the amount of medication he was taking since his stroke.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Elizabeth Wolf told the court the defendant had been a very close friend with the victim and that friendship had been betrayed. Wolf asked the court to sentence the defendant above the guidelines since the betrayal could never be replaced with trust or security.

Judge Lewis then told the defendant that he had violated the trust of a friend and nothing he could do could make her feel any better and that the court normally in this type of case or home invasion he sentenced the defendant to some active jail time but in this case due to the medication and mobility issues he was going to sentence Newman to 3 years on each count meaning 6 years total with all of it suspended with good behavior.