By Wesley Edwards

Lorenzo Stith, who was convicted on June 26, 2017 of credit card fraud and credit card theft, was in Northampton Circuit Court Monday for sentencing. Stith was due to be sentenced on October 10 but failed to appear. A warrant was issued for show cause.

According to evidence from Commonwealth’s Attorney Bruce Jones $455.86 was owed in restitution before sentencing. Jones told the court that he was unable to get verification that restitution had been paid but he believed that it was paid.

Stith then took the stand and testified that he had paid his wife $700 and understood that he was under oath and would be prosecuted if he was lying about this matter. Stith told the court that he had made 3 separate payments from 3 weeks of his paychecks.

Jones told the court that the guidelines in this case called for probation and no incarceration but he was urging that the defendant see the inside of the jail even though this was his first felony.

On the failure to appear charge, defense attorney Wilder told the court that there was a simple mix-up of dates and that it was not intentional, but his client had now been incarcerated for 3 weeks on the failure to appear.

Judge Lewis then sentenced the defendant on the failure to appear to 10 days, on the credit card theft and fraud to 3 years suspending it all but 10 days and explaining to the defendant that he would be on unsupervised probation for the balance of the 3 year sentence.

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