A representative of the effort to establish a university on the Eastern Shore updated members of the Accomack County Board of Supervisors Wednesday night.  Terry Malarkey advised the Board of meetings he has had with various state agencies.  Malarkey cited the University of Virginia branch in Wise County in southwest Virginia whiche has 2,000 students and provides several hundred jobs to the community.

Supervisor Ron Wolff said that he was skeptical that a 4 year university was realistic for the Eastern Shore, but was more encouraged when Malarkey said that an accredited University that is geared toward Junior and Senior level classes could be supported by the State. This could give Community College graduates access to upper level classes at home while attracting students from other areas as well.

Wolff advised Malarkey that while he wanted to help in any way he could, that the land requested by the group at the Industrial Park is controlled by the Economic Development Authority and not the Board of Supervisors.

Malarky promised to keep the Board involved in the progress of the project.


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