The Accomack County Board of Supervisors heard a report Wednesday on a recently completed evaluation of nitrogen in groundwater and surface water at the Accomack County Southern Landfill. Dr. Richard Snyder of VIMS discovered elevated levels of nitrogen when processing water samples collected in a stream that runs adjacent to the landfill. According to Dr. Rip Ford of Draper Aden Associates, nitrogen is not a pollutant and therefore the levels in that stream have not been checked. He said that while the levels were slightly higher than normal nitrogen is not a pollutant but a nutrient and the levels would not cause harm to nearby residents.   Ford said that water samples taken from test wells as well as those of nearby residents showed normal levels of nitrogen.

Ford said that his company would continue to sample the water in the stream twice a year to determine if the levels are increasing. He said it is possible that the levels have been high but are now decreasing but that the only way to determine that is to continue to test at the site for a couple of years.


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