Pictured: A yurt at Kiptopeke State Park, courtesy of the Virginia Tourism Commission’s website.


A bill that would have helped the bottom lines of our County’s budgets died on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates.

HB 1778, carried by Delegate Rob Bloxom, would require transient occupancy tax to be collected by state parks. It is already law for private campgrounds and parks to collect the tax, but Virginia State Parks are exempt. Transient occupancy tax is charged on room rentals and travel campgrounds by tourists.

The transient occupancy tax is used to fund tourism related marketing for the Eastern Shore.

The bill died on a 17-78 vote.

“I think the delegates feared this would be seen by constituents as a tax increase,” said Delegate Bloxom. “Often times good policy is bad politics.”

Northampton Chairman Spencer Murray lamented what he called an unfair burden on private industry wasn’t corrected in this year’s General Assembly.

“You have Sunset Beach and Cherrystone Campground that have to collect this tax, but Kiptopeke State Park is exempt,” said Murray at Monday night’s Board of Supervisors meeting.