A Parksley man agreed to an Alford plea in Accomack County Circuit Court Monday on charges of conspiring to commit capital murder for hire, conspiring to commit capital murder by a prisoner and obstruction and resisting pertaining to drug gang activity.   Keenan Jibel Berry of Jermaine Lane near Parksley made an agreement with the Commonwealth’s Attorney which would limit his time of active incarceration to 7 years not prosecuting  two of the three charges against him.

Judge Revell Lewis accepted the agreement. Berry will be formally sentenced on July 11. Berry will have the opportunity at sentencing to present arguments as to why he should not be required to serve the entire 7 years.

Berry submitted the Alford Plea on the charge of conspiring to commit capital murder by a prisoner.

An Alford plea is entered when the defendant agrees that the Commonwealth has sufficient evidence to convict but the defendant does not admit guilt.

Had Berry gone on to a jury trial, he could have received 20 years in prison and a $2500 fine.

In the same conspiracy incident,  Evron Strand of Accomac was sentenced to 50 years in prison in January for arranging the attempted murder of Nathaniel Johnson of Painter.  Roquan Rogers of Exmore, aka “Cake,” who was charged in the attempted murder of Johnson and his girlfriend was granted a mistrial on nine of the twelve of the charges against him in August of 2018 when the jury could not come to a unanimous decision of all of the charges.  Rogers was found guilty of three of the conspiracy charges.

The crime occurred when Evron Strand attempted to arrange for the murder of Nathaniel Johnson after Johnson, who was working as an undercover drug buyer,  identified Strand as a dealer and reported it to the Sheriff’s department.



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