Bank of Cheer continues to collect donations for needy over holidays

December 10, 2022

It has become a Christmas tradition for local residents, community organizations, churches and other groups to make a donation to the Bank of Cheer. Donors know that 100 percent of their donations go to help the Bank of Cheer recipients. All labor, transportation expenses and materials are donated.

Laura Trala coordinates the Bank of Cheer, an all-volunteer effort which takes a lot of work and a lot of help from the community to pull off.

“I’m proud to live on the Eastern Shore, especially at a time such as this, when countless individuals come together to give of their time and resources to help those less fortunate,” said Trala.

Members of several community organizations, local high school students and other volunteers make the deliveries of the boxes, donated by the Hickman family of Dublin Farms in Horntown for more than 20 years now.

The boxes are filled with canned foods, flour and other staples, and the recipients also typically get a ham or turkey.

The Foodbank of the Eastern Shore provides the base of operations for delivery day and assistance transporting food.

Recipients are selected by community leaders, who confer with ministers, organizations and employees of Social Services departments to determine the families who most need help. Please do not call Social Services or the local media as they have no input for the selection of the recipients.

Donations are accepted by mail. Send to Bank of Cheer, c/o Laura Trala P.O. Box 646, Onley, Va. 23418.

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