DeAndre Brashawn Ayers of Norfolk was sentenced in Accomack County Circuit Court Thursday to 39 years for the attempted murder of an Accomack County Deputy. Ayers and two others robbed PNC Bank in Pocomoke on September 26, 2016. They fled into Virginia where Deputy Nottingham of the Accomack County Sheriff’s Department attempted to stop the vehicle in which they were traveling.

On Grotontown Road, near Hallwood, one of the passengers in the vehicle, identified as Ayers took shots at the pursuing officer.   Bullets hit the car but did not injure the deputy however the pursuit was discontinued when the deputy’s car was disabled by the gunfire.  The three abandoned their vehicle and were taken to Norfolk by a friend where they were later arrested.

Ayers was originally charged with the Attempted Capital Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer, Use of a Firearm while committing a felony, Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, Shooting a Firearm from a Vehicle and Unlawfull shooting at an Emergency Vehicle

Ayers was sentenced to 5 years for violating probation, 9 years on the firearms charges and 25 years for the Attempted Murder of a Police Officer.