Note: pictured fox is not the fox captured by Animal Control.

On October 31st , 2018 three people were attacked by two aggressive gray foxes in the vicinity of Kerr St. and Market St. in Onancock, VA. Both foxes were observed displaying symptoms associated with the rabies virus. Animal Control was able to capture one fox Wednesday evening.  The other rabid acting fox did have contact with someone Thursday morning in the vicinity of Kerr Place and authorities were able to capture the second fox.

People in Onancock should continue to keep their pets inside and be alert to wild animals that are acting too friendly or approaching them, or acting aggressive. Please caution children not to approach any wildlife, foxes, raccoons, other other strange animals. If a wild or stray animal attacks you, immediately wash the wound with warm soapy water and/or alcohol, then notify the health department and your physician. If your pet is attacked, immediately notify the Health Department and call your veterinarian. If you handle your pet after an encounter, please wear gloves and immediately wash your hands with warm soapy water and/or alcohol.

If any people or pets have had contact with either fox call the Accomack Health Department 757-787-5880. The Evening and Weekends Rabies Hotline is (757) 302-4300.

Call Accomack Sheriffs Office ASAP to report the location of the fox if you spot it in the Town of Onancock 757-787-1131.