Cape Charles town officials were notified that Gourmet Alley received a phone call Tuesday morning, December 5, stating that they were with ANEC. The caller threatened to turn off the electricity if they didn’t pay $1,000 within 45 minutes. They were instructed to go to Food Lion to purchase two $500 gift cards. The callers were very specific about which payment card to purchase.

Gourmet Alley contacted ANEC and were told that ANEC would never do this. ANEC contacts their customers with a recorded phone message then sends a paper notification.

Please be aware of the increase in scam calls, especially during the holiday season. This particular call hit very close to home with the caller saying they were from ANEC.

If you receive a scam phone call, please contact the Accomack County Sherif’s Office at 757-787-1131 or the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office at 757-678-0458 to report the call. The Sheriff’s office will contact the appropriate agency.

Meanwhile A&N Electric released this statement. “A&N Electric Cooperative has received reports from members that a phone scam is making its rounds in the cooperative’s service area targeting our members.

The telephone scam artist contacts a member and tells them they owe money and that member needs to pay right away or their service will be cut off immediately.

Please be on the alert for this scam. While A&N Electric Cooperative may contact you by phone for various reasons, the cooperative will never call you to demand payment by a specific method or threaten an immediate disconnection of service if payment is not received.

If you have any doubt about a person’s validity to represent A&N Electric Cooperative, you should call us immediately at 757-787-9750 or 1-800-431-2632 and an official cooperative representative will be glad to assist you.”