NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility will host the Guardian Shield 20-02 flight exercise with multiple United States Air Force aircraft September 20 – 25.

The Air Force flight activity at Wallops will include numerous F-16s and L-159 jet aircraft, occurring daily between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., but primarily focus from 10 AM to noon on Sep. 22 – 25.

The exercise, led by the 121 Fighter Squadron, will be the largest live-fly cruise missile defense exercise of its type and showcases new technology designed to counter the most modern of threats.

This exercise marks the culmination of months of planning between numerous Federal government organizations including the Air Force, the Atlantic Test Range and the United States Navy and NASA.

This cross collaboration highlights the value that Wallops Flight Facility provides not only to the space launch community but also the larger Department of Defense community.