The Accomack County Board of Supervisors heard a presentation from Ms Jill Beri, Director of the Nature Conservancy Volgenau Virginia Coast Reserve on the Community Flood Preparedness Fund for Accomack County.  Beri told the Board that there is money available to the county in the fund to help coastal communities reduce the impacts of tidal flooding.  Beri also talked the State Coastal Resilience Master Plan and said that the Nature Conservancy is supporting both programs.

The Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund was established to provide support for regions and localities across Virginia  to reduce the impacts of flooding.  Beri said that the Conservancy is currently partnering with Northampton County on  a project and extended the offer explore partnership options to allow Accomack County to take advantage of the available funding.

Beri said that the Nature Conserancy was willing to partner with the county to prepare an actual resistance plan.  The Nature Conservancy’s services would be offered at no cost to the county.

Beri said that there was several million dollars that could be divided among the participants.