Accomack County Superintendent Chris Holland wrote a letter to the families of students this week urging them to remain observant if they want to make schools as safe as possible.

“The responsibility of keeping our schools safe belongs to everyone,” said Holland. “In these times of heightened awareness, schools, parents, staff and the community at-large must remain ever vigilant in our efforts.”

Holland warned against ‘over sharing’ information. Over-sharing threats to our schools can often create more problems than it can prevent. Any threats should be reported to the appropriate authorities, rather than shared on social media.

Holland encouraged parents and loved ones to monitor your children’s online activity, monitor websites and social media they use, stress that making a threat carries serious consequences, talk with your child about the recent incidents, explain that anger and fear are natural feelings, watch for changes in behavior in your child and seek help if you think it’s necessary, if you hear a threat that you think is credible contact local law enforcement and keep an open line of communication with your kids about threats and safety.

“Working together at school and at home, we can and will make a difference for our children and our community,” he added. “As superintendent, I have no greater responsibility than to educate our children in a safe environment where they can learn and grow.”

Below is a copy of the full letter:


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