The Accomack County School Board conducted a public hearing on the proposed 2018 budget Tuesday night. Director of Finance, Beth Onley presented a summar;y of the budget. While final decisions are yet to be made, the budget contains raises for all school system employees.   Administrative and support staff will receive 2% raises in 2019 but teachers are scheduled to receive 4% raises.

On the revenue side the Accomack County Schools are scheduled to receive an additional $492,000 from the County.   The increase is the result of higher real estate tax revenue and is distributed to the school system by the traditional funding level of 53% of local revenue .

Onley summarized that although the school system is looking at $912,589 in added revenue, additional expenditures totaling $1,611,747 will result in an estimated deficit of approximately $700,000.   Onley said that the school system would either have to find more revenue or reduce expenses to balance the budget.

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