This story has been updated to include Northampton County.

Accomack County Registrar Patty White said voter participation was heavy on Friday and Monday. White says 213 voters visited the Registrars office to vote on Friday and 192 voted Monday.

Northampton County Registrar Terry Flynn reports Northampton saw 150 Friday and 130 on Monday, which is already approximately 10% of the votes Northampton sees in a particular election.

White also said she has received questions about absentee ballots. She said the Registrars office began mailing out the absentee ballots on Friday and it may take several days for everyone who as requested an absentee ballot so far to receive one. Absentee Ballots include a return mail envelope.

Election day still 42 days away so there is plenty of time for voters to receive and return their ballots.


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