Photo:  VACO Director Jeremy Bennett gives award to Accomack County Parks and Rec Director Wayne Burton.


Accomack County received an award from the Virginia Association of Counties for moving Sawmill Park from an abandoned industrial site to a public recreation park.  VACO’s Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Jeremy Bennett officially presented the award to Parks and Rec Director Wayne Burton at Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.  Bennett said an astonishing amount of effort to transfer the site from an industrial site to how it looks today. He thanked the Board for all of their hard work.

Parks and Rec Director Wayne Burton thanked the Board past and present and the Administrators past and present and the late Coach Tony Washington for their efforts.  Burton also thanked  Public Works Director Stewart Hall and  the Director of Planning and Zoning Rich Morrison for their support for the project.

Burton said that he gets great pleasure of seeing children and adults out at the park enjoying what was created there.