At Wednesday’s Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting,  Public Works Director Stewart Hall unveiled a plan that could address one of the ongoing problems in the county, trash along the roads. Hall said that over the last several years there have been many attempts  to address the problems including adopt a road efforts,  use of prisoners to pick up trash,  the purchase of a trash vacuum truck by the county,  efforts by civic and environmental groups to pick up the trash and educate the public.  These efforts, while commendable, have really not produced the desired results.

Hall introduced a plan that would expand the Public Works department by four full time employees.  Because existing Public Works employees also have to maintain county property and water access sites,  it is difficult for them to use the vacuum truck long enough to make a dent in the trash problem.  Hall said the addition of the 4 employees would allow the truck to be operated on a regular basis and hopefully help the county to keep up with the road trash problem.

The estimated cost of payroll will be $250,000 annually. Hall said he wasn’t asking for any action at this time and would include the proposal in the FY23-24 proposed budget early next year.