Former Northampton County Administrator Katie Nunez has accepted a full time position as Deputy Director for Planning and Zoning in Accomack County. Nunez was introduced to the Board of Supervisors Wednesday night during their regular meeting.   Nunez had been assisting the Accomack County Zoning Administration as a specialist. Nunez was chosen from a pool of approximately 12 applicants . She brings 20 years of experience in working for municipalities in both Massachusetts and Virginia in a variety of roles including town and county administrator, as well as budgeting, planning and procurement functions. Nunez will supervise the Planner and GIS coordinator with overall responsibility for zoning subdivision agent, enterprise zones, flood plains, the Board of Zoning Appeals and appropriate public hearings as well as supporting a myriad of projects within the scope of the Building, Planning and Economic Development department. She will be working towards certification as a zoning Administrator within the Virginia Zoning Officials professional organization within the first 18 months of employment.

Also at Wednesday night’s meeting the Board of Supervisors recognized Tom Brockenbrough, also from the Building, Planning and Economic Development Department. Brockenbrough has been with the County since 2006 and is the creator of many of the GIS based Maps and datasets that come to the board. He was recognized for his individual work with the National Flood Insurance and the Community Rating System. The Community Rating System is a voluntary program for National Flood Insurance Program participants that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceeded the minimum requirements.   The county has received word that its rating has changed two full points which is unusual to see that much of a change. Tom’s efforts in obtaining this rating have the potential to assist many residents and businesses within the County relating to flood insurance premiums.