Accomack votes Republican; Hart remains Onley Mayor

November 3, 2020
Eastern Shore 2020 Election

While totals could change, it appears Accomack County voted Republican across the Board in Tuesday’s election.

Early in the evening, it appeared the Republicans would win in a landslide. The addition of the early votes narrowed the gap. but the Republicans came out ahead in all races in Accomack County.

Donald Trump was the favorite with 56% of the vote with Joe Biden receiving 43%.

Republican Daniel Gade received 54% of the vote and incumbent Senator Mark Warner received 46% of the Accomack County votes.

In the House of Representatives race, former Congressman Scott Taylor the Republican received 54% of the vote while incumbent Democrat Elaine Luria received 45% of the votes.

In the Onley Mayor’s contest,  Matt Hart received 125 votes while Ned Finney received 109.

The Onley Town Council will be comprised of Brian Corbin, Rose Pearson, Billy Ferguson, Woody Zember, Billye D. Custis and Claudia Harmon.

In Parksley, Henry Nicholson Jr. will join the Town Council, filling the unexpired term of Mayor Frank Russell.

All other town elections were won by unopposed candidates.

This does not represent the final totals.  Voter Registrar Patty White said the final totals may change somewhat Wednesday as the votes are certified. Also, mail in ballots and absentee ballots received by mail will not be added to the totals until Friday.


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