The Accomack County Board of Supervisors discussed the problem involving the Dollar General chain’s failure to keep the grass cut at the Mappsville Store.   Supervisor  Harris Phillips said that he has heard complaints from residents in his district about the tall grass at that location.   Earlier this year, the Board directed the County Administrator’s office to send a letter to Dollar General requesting that the grass be cut.   Phillips asked if there was any language in the special use permit the chain received from the Board that allowed them to build the store in what is zoned residential.  He was told that there was no language that would void the variance.

County Administrator Mike Mason said that he had contacted an area supervisor in June and that the grass was cut shortly thereafter.   The problem is that it hasn’t been cut since.

The failure of the chain to properly maintain it’s property could cause trouble down the line  for the company if Dollar General comes before the Board for special use permit for another location.