The Eastern Shore added four new COVID-19 cases in Friday morning’s Virginia Department of Health report. All four were attributed to Accomack County, bringing its overall COVID-19 case count to 1,022. Accomack also added one new hospitalization, for a total of 67. No new deaths were reported in Accomack County, which remained at 14.

All of Northampton’s COVID-19 metrics remained unchanged.

The Eastern Shore Health District processed 79 tests in these numbers for a test positive rate of 5%.

Virginia added 543 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, bringing the state’s overall case count to 54,312, with 12 additional probable cases, for a totla of 2,481.

Virginia added 52 new COVID-19 hospitalizations Friday morning, for a totla of 5,765, and one additional probable COVID-19 hospitalization. The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association reports falling current hospitalizations, with confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations falling 22 to 577 and pending test result COVID-19 hospitalizations down 8 to 251.

Virginia added 17 new deaths Friday morning, for a total of 1,499, and one fewer probable COVID-19 death, for a total of 103.

The Virginia Department of Health processed 26,906 tests in these numbers, for a 2% positive test rate.



Alexa WESR