Accomack County reported more cases Saturday morning than it has the past several days, adding 11 new COVID-19 cases, bringing its overall total to 722. Accomack also added one new hospitalization, for an overall total of 41 and deaths remained unchanged at 11.

In Northampton County, four new COVID-19 cases were reported. Hospitalizations and deaths remained unchanged in Northampton County, at 19 and 16.

The Eastern Shore’s outbreaks remain unchanged at nine, and Accomack and Northampton County remains at 3rd and 4th in state case rate. These numbers are the results of 220 processed tests, for a positive test rate of 6.8%.

Virginia reported 484 new COVID-19 cases, for an overall total of 33,692, with 45 additional probable COVID-19 cases, for a total of 1,787.

Virginia added 36 new hospitalizations, for an overall total of 4,153. Probable COVID-19 hospitalizations remain unchanged at 28. The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association continues to report falling current hospitalization numbers. Current confirmed and pending COVID-19 hospitalizations fell by 107 in Saturday’s numbers for a current total of 1,384. Confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations fell by 26, to 975. Virginia has 4,285 available hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.

Virginia reported 23 new COVID-19 deaths, for an overall total total of 1,123. Probable COVID-19 deaths remain unchanged at 36.

These numbers are the result of 7,250 processed tests in Virginia, for a positive test rate of 6.67%.