The Accomack County Board of Supervisors received the 2019-20 Proposed County Budget Monday evening at a special session.   County manager Mike Mason presented the budget to the Board. This year’s budget does not include a tax increase but does include an increase in the tipping fees charged at the county landfill.

This year’s operating budget is $58,159,377 which is a 1.3% increase over last year.   Mason said the increase is covered by a 9.3% reduction in debt service.

Mason said the budget was developed with six priorities in mind. The first is to keep property tax rates at their current levels. To continue to attract and retain a high performing workforce.   To maintain the County’s investment in its buildings and infrastructure and prepare for future capital replacement.   To maintain or improve customer service and employee/customer safety. To continue to strengthen the Rainy Day fund to a “best practice” level. To honor contractual commitments, agreements and mandates.

The budget also shifts one penny of the portion of the County tax rate from debt service to the General Fund.

The budget utilizes projected state matching funds available to increase compensation for all employees. It provides a 2% pay increase for County and State-supported local positions effective July 1, 2019. This projected increase will be contingent on receiving State matching funds.

Accomack County employees will receive an added benefit because of a 14.4 decrease in employee health insurance premiums. The county will attempt to bring the employee share of the spouse/dependent health care cost in line with the national trend.

The budget includes approximately $18.1 million for Education, $1.03 million for Parks and Recreation, $2.4 million for Planning and Community Development, $3.7 million for debt service, $4.9 million for General Administration, $1.7 million for Judicial administration , $12.5 million for Public Safety, $6.8 million for Public Works, and $6.5 million for Health and Welfare.

The Board of Supervisors will meet again on Wednesday night to hear budget requests from various county agencies.

A review of the budget will be posted on the Accomack County Board Docs website today.



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