The Accomack County Board of Supervisors received a report from County Finance Director Margaret Lindsey on the status of tax collections in the County in the wake of the delay of. approximately 2 months  of the first deadline due to  COVID-19. The report was requested by Supervisor Robert Crockett during the July meeting but the staff asked to delay the report until after the August 3 deadline date had passed in order to obtain the most relevant data.

As of Wednesday’s meeting  County Finance Director Margaret Lindsay said that thus far. 89.26% of the  budgeted amount of 91%  of the Real Estate  taxes have been collected which is $364,000 short of the anticipated collections.  In addition  74.59% of the personal property tax bills have been paid which is short of the 78% anticipated for the first billing.  This is $340,000 short of anticipated revenues.

Lindsay said that in 2019 collections were very good in December and if that occurs this year as well it will close the gap in collections.