The Accomack County Board of Supervisors agreed to authorize the County Administrator to develop a memorandum of understanding with the Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority to move into phase 2 of an agreement with the broadband authority to help expand broadband service to underserved areas. The Board approved of using up to $1.16 million in CARES act funding  to increase the proliferation Broadband on the Eastern Shore.

Phase two will:

  • Provide $200,874 in funding to allow communities who have previously applied to the Eastern Shore Broadband Authority micro-communities program but who failed to qualify for assistance to be provided.
  • $537,391 to construct fiber along strategic sections of road that do not have fiber to the home availability.
  • $50,000 to set aside funding which will provide low and moderate-income individuals with assistance gaining access and to provide assistance to help cover installation costs.
  • $52,000 for the community assistance to the Redbank which will be needed if the current VATI application is not awarded by the Commonwealth.
  • $25,000 to complete preliminary engineering for the Captains Cove Area to apply for a state grant to improve service.

The County has existing funds derived from the CARES act to pay for this proposal.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the proposal.

Should Spectrum choose to serve any of the affected communities, that area will be removed from the plan.