Accomack Board of Supervisors Conducts Budget Public Hearing

March 31, 2020
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The Accomack County Board of Supervisors conducted their annual budget public hearing Monday night.  The hearing was conducted electronically with members participating by phone.  The meeting was broadcast on the Board’s. live audio tab on the web site.

County Administrator Mike Mason reviewed the highlights of the budget which includes a 3% increase which includes  $4.3 million for capital improvements.

Addressing concerns that the Covid 19 financial crisis would affect collections,  Mason said that one option being considered would be that instead of authorizing the budget funding for the entire year the Board may consider the option of doing so quarterly.

Mason said that that would allow the Board to control  budget spending by department and would allow certain capital improvement projects to be delayed if possible into the second half of the budget year.

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Any decision will have to be made at the meeting to authorize the budget which is scheduled for Monday. Aoril 6 at 6 p.m.  That meeting will be streamed on the Board of Supervisors web site and will be conducted remotely with supervisors participating by phone from home.

One comment was submitted by the Burnhams  of Burhnam Guides  who asked if it might be possible to delay the payment of personal property taxes for three months being that their revenue source has dried up.

Mason said that the Board of Supervisors is authorized to control the payment due date but only the Treasurer can waive penalties and interest.  That matter will be up for discussion at the April 6 meeting.


Mason said that Board does have the authority to control the deadline but to waive  interest and penalties is restricted to the treasurer.  Mason said the Board can discuss the option of extending the due date at the April 6 meeting.

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