Accomack County to join Navy in infrastructure grant application

April 17, 2020

The Navy has requested that Accomack County authorize a Grant application for a Federal Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Project grant for Wallops Island power upgrade project grand request.

The County has been asked by the Navy to become a stake holder in the $10 million project is eligible for a Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Project grant.  If funded, the grant will provide an electric power upgrade for end-users on Wallops Island including the Navy’s Surface Combat Systems Center.  The County’s role will be as a conduit for grant funding with no ongoing role in the project once it is complete.  No cash match is expected to be required as the County is expected to qualify for a waiver of match requirements.

Commander Holmes said that the Navy has over $1billion worth of equipment at the Wallops site which needs to be maintained.  The equipment requires special power requirements in order to operate properly.  He said that over the years there have been times where the power service has cost between. 1 and 2 million dollars.   Holmes said that the time will come when demand will exceed the capacity going out to the island. Holmes said that this does not reflect on ANEC but that the requirements are more stringent for the electronics at the site than the requirements normally required for standard residential and commercial service.

Holmes said that going forward there is the need for approximately $50 million worth of upgrades needed.  He said that this is the type of project that will provide benefits for both the site and the community. He said the Navy will complete all of the paper work for the grant and the Board will need to endorse the application.

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Supervisor Robert Crockett called the request extremely positive.  It will help guarantee the Navy will be here going forward.  You can’t have progress without infrastructure.

Supervisor Ron Wolfe motioned to have the county participate. The motion was passed unanimously.



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