The Accomack County Board of Supervisors heard a presentation from Jerry Sanders of the Delmarva Pipeline Company on the progress of the anticipated natural gas pipeline that is expected to be extended from the northern end of the Maryland portion of the Delmarva Peninsula south to the Perdue plant in Accomac.

Sanders told the board that the Delmarva Peninsula is one of the last areas on the East Coast that does not have natural gas service available. The cost per BTU of natural gas is $8.39 compared to $38.76 for propane, $26.20 for Heating Oil and $18.15 for electricity.

Sanders said that dozens of federal, state and local agencies have to sign off on any pipeline prior to beginning construction. Sanders also said that negotiations are underway to run the pipeline down the right of way for the high tension electric lines.

Sanders said that the pipeline would be installed under the bottom of rivers and creeks along it’s route. While there will be several rivers in its path in Maryland there are none Virginia.

Sanders said that Delmarva Pipeline will mainly serve power plants and commercial customers but that eventually last mile providers could make natural gas an option for some residential and small business customers.

Sanders said that the pipeline is currently on schedule but did not indicate the expected completion date.