The Accomack County Board of Supervisors agreed to tap the delinquent personal property tax fund to fund an anticipated budget shortfall for the construction of the new Emergency Operations Center to be built adjacent to the Fire Training Center in Melfa. The county has sufficient Aid-To-Locality funding to cover the cost of the generator portion of the project but needs an additional $142,711 to complete construction of the $589,700 facility. County Administrator  Mike Mason told the Board that anticipated delinquent tax collections are up by $414,000 as of  May 31 and there was more than enough extra cash in the fund to finance the cost overrun.  The Board unanimously authorized Mason to draw money to make up the deficit.

Emergency operations cited the lack of sleeping and shower facilities and the small size of the current EOC in Accomac as one of the reasons to build the new facility.  The new facility will include updated technology and the space will allow emergency personnel to live and sleep at the facility during periods of prolonged emergency such as a hurricane.



Eastern Shore Firefighters