The Accomack County Board of Supervisors held a long discussion on the County’s financial situation concerning the FY 21 budget Wednesday night.  County Financial manager Margaret Lindsay  said that some income categories have improved over last year which include sales tax revenue, and landfill tipping fees and that real estate and personal property tax income for the bills that were sent out in October have good return numbers with over two weeks left before the dead line.   It was also pointed out that Accomack County’s unemployment rate is better than last year and currently is lower than the state unemployment rate.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit in early April, the Board pushed back some capital projects and froze wages for county employees.  Wednesday night County Administrator Mike Mason asked the Board to approve, in lieu of raises, a one time $600 bonus for full time employees who have been with the county for a year.  Part time employees and those who haven’t worked for the county for a year will receive pro-rated bonuses.

Two capital projects that have been pushed back are the installation of lights in the parking lot at Sawmill  Park and an upgrade of the fire supression system at the Clerk’s office in Accomac.  Supervisor Donald Hart asked Mason to try to get the system included in the FY 22 budget because it is very important to protect the county’s vital records.

Mason expressed hope that the COVID-19 threat will subside and allow things to return to normal.