The A-4 jet on display at the Accomack County Airport will get a new coat of paint.

County Airport Manager, Barbara Haxter, through her connections with a local retired Navy pilot, reached out to an aircraft maintenance group at Naval Air Station Oceana regarding the painting of the Navy A-4 jet that adorns the County Airport property.  The outcome of this discussion is that this group is willing to re-paint the aircraft on-site.  They even supply the paint which will be their current squadron colors.

The expectation is the work will take about a week and the only cost to the County will be for housing accommodations while they are here. Approval from the Navy museum contact in Pensacola, who the County has the asset loan agreement with, has been obtained.

The repainting and maintenance to this A-4 has previously been estimated at $50,000 so this is a very cost effective solution.



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