At Wednesday’s Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting Shannon Alexander of the Accomack Northampton Planning District Commission asked the Board to endorse a grant application to equip the Painter Convenience Center with a facility to accept household hazardous waste. Alexander is the Coastal Resource Program Manager for the PDC. Supervisor Muhly said that such a facility is badly needed in the county because there’s no place to dispose of hazardous household substances. like paint and lawn chemicals.

The Board voted unanimously to support the grant proposal.

Alexander also made a presentation to the Board on a proposal to form an Eastern Shore Public Access Authority.   Such an authority would work both locally and regionally to gain access to funding for improvements in access to the Eastern Shore’s waterways.   The Authority would be funded by Virginia Coastal Zone Management Grants, the NOAA Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program, VDOT Rural Planning Grants, Chesapeake Bay Restoration Funds, the General Assembly, Hunting Registrations, Commercial Docking Fees, Farm Leasing/ Research and Development, and EDA Technical Assistance Grants.

Alexander said that communities on Virginia’s Northern Neck have already formed Public Access Authorities and working regionally improves the chances of being funded.

Alexander said that dredging channels and improving public ramps and perhaps building new ramps in other locations in both counties is a need here on the Shore.   The Public Access Authority would serve both counties through the ANPDC .


Board Chairman Robert Crockett thanked Alexander for her presentation. No decision was made to give the Supervisors a chance to review the infor

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