80% of Eastern Shore applicants to Virginia public colleges and universities accepted in 2023

August 7, 2023

According to the Virginia Public Access Project, the acceptance rate to Virginia’s Public Colleges and Universities among Eastern Shore applicants exceeds that of the state as a whole.

This year, while the statewide acceptance rate to public institutes of higher learning was 73%, the rate among Accomack applicants was 78% and even better 81% of Northampton student applicants were accepted.

In Accomack, UVA was the most popular destination with 69 applicants.  But UVA also had the highest rejection rate.  Only 26 or 38% of those who applied to UVA from Accomack County were accepted.

The next most popular destination for Accomack students was JMU.   Out of 66 applicants 53 were  or a whopping 80% were accepted, followed by Virginia Tech with 60 applicants and 31 accepted for a 52% acceptance rate.  Also CNU accepted 37 of 46 applicants with an 85% acceptance rate and William and Mary accepted  24 of 39 applicants for an 81% rate.

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VMI accepted all of the Accomack and Northampton applicants.  Three applied and were accepted in Accomack and Northampton had one applicant who was also accepted for a 100% acceptance rate on the Eastern Shore.

Northampton’s overall acceptance rate at Virginia’s public colleges was 81% which is 8 percent higher than overall state numbers,

In Northampton, JMU was the most sought after college destination with 47 applicants and 40 acceptances or 85%. Next was UVA with 30 applications and 9 acceptances or 30%. Virginia Tech also had 30 applications from Northampton students and 16 or 53% were accepted.  21 students from Northampton applied to CNU with 17 or 85% accepted.  Out of 12 applicants, William and Mary accepted 7 or 81%.


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