Two citizens addressed the Accomack County Board of Supervisors Wednesday night regarding the constant flooding on Bells Neck Road near Painter.  Anthony Geogelli and Rod Hennessey, both of whom live on the road, expressed frustration that they haven’t been able to get answers from VDOT.  Both complained of damage done to the vehicles of residents who are often forced to drive through salt water when the road is covered.

Supervisors Donald Hart and Supervisor Renetta Major whose districts each comprise part of the road agreed with Geogelli who suggested a meeting be called with Board members, VDOT and Chris Governator of Accomack County to air out the issues and hopefully find a solution.

Supervisor Robert Crockett said that he has talked to VDOT and permits are being processed now that would allow the state to clean ditches  some of which have become marshland.  He said there’s a three pronged attack in which the state would clean the ditches, raise the road, and post warning signs.

Supervisor Hart asked the staff to set up a meeting on the subject with residents, VDOT and county officials participating.