By Wesley Edwards

Brandon Tankard was convicted on August 14, with a plea agreement reducing 27 charges to 12. Originally he was facing 13 counts of forgery 13 counts of uttering and one breaking and entering charge. In exchange for a guilty plea the Commonwealth Nolle processed the 13 forgery counts and reduced the uttering counts to 11.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Bruce Jones on Monday explained to the court that this defendant was a contract painter and the forged checks of the homeowner were obtained when the contractor violated the homeowner’s trust. Jones told the court that this was this defendant’s fourth offense of uttering and that the guidelines were appropriate. Jones also reported to the court that this defendant had been incarcerated at least three times. Defense attorney Marcia Carter told the court that she and the defendant realized that there were multiple and serious crimes committed but that they asked for work release so that the defendant could pay the $1300 in restitution.

Judge Lewis then told the defendant that he was convicted on August 14, and that no restitution has been paid to date.  Lewis sentenced  Tankard on each of the 11 uttering charges, 5 years each suspending it all but one year each and to an additional 5 years on the breaking and entering charge suspending all of that but one year. Lewis explained that  the uttering sentences would run consecutively and the breaking and entering would run concurrently giving the defendant 11 years to serve. Lewis then told Tankard that  he would be on probation for an additional 3 years once he was released with good behavior for 10 years and expected to pay the $1373 in full for restitution. Tankard was then remanded to the custody Sheriff to begin his sentence.

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