The results of the 2018 Democratic and Republican primaries are in and there were no real surprises.  In the second congressional district Democratic race, Elaine Luria has easily defeated Karen Malette. Luria received 62% of the vote with Mallard receiving 38%

In the Republican Congressional primary incumbent Scott Taylor has fended off challenger Mary Jones. Taylor received 76% of the vote while Jones received 24%.

In the Senate Republican Primary Corey Stewart narrowly defeated Nick Frietas and will take on Tim Kaine in November.    Stewart received 44.8% of the vote with Freitas receiving 43%. Bishop E.W. Jackson received 12%.

Locally in Accomack County in the Senate race Frietas received 837 votes, Stewart received 670 votes and Jackson recieved 102.   In Northampton Stewart received 274 votes, Frietas received 251 and Jackson received 63.

In the House race in Accomack  Scott Taylor received 1317 votes, Mary Jones received 361. In Northampton Scott Taylor received 470 votes while Mary Jones received 141.

On the Democratic side, in Accomack Elaine Luria received 795 votes Karen Mallard received 515 votes.   In Northampton Elaine Luria received 351 votes and Karen Mallard received 305.

For those looking for the primary to forecast how the November election will turn out, approximately 1678 Republicans voted in Accomack County as opposed to 1310 Democrats. Accomack County traditionally trends Republican.   Northampton usually trends Democrat. Approximately 656 Democrats voted in Northampton compared with 611 Republicans.

In the November General Election, incumbent Republican Scott Taylor will face Elaine Luria for the 2nd district congressional seat.   Statewide Republican Cory Stewartwill take on incumbent Democratic Senator Tim Kaine.

All vote totals are subject to certification by the Registrars offices on Wednesday.