By Wesley Edwards

Akeem Downing was in Accomack County Circuit Court on Thursday charged with eluding and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Downing and the minor referred to in court as ‘M.W’ were parked when Deputy Arnold came upon them. Downing tried to leave the scene and a high-speed chase ensued along Highway 13 in excess of 100 mph. Eventually Downing rolled his automobile in a yard along Highway 13 causing $350 damage to the yard. EMS was brought the scene to accommodate M.W.’s issues. Subsequently M.W. and Downing were taken to Riverside Memorial to be evaluated. Downing then turned himself in to the Sheriff’s Department.

Defense attorney McCormack told the court that the defendant had no prior record had been employed by Tysons for 5 years, and was prepared to pay the damage or restitution for the yard today.

Judge Lewis then accepted the defendant’s guilty plea allowing him to remain on bond until April 2, 2018 when the guidelines and criminal history would be prepared.