By Wesley Edwards

On Monday in Northampton County Circuit Court Winston Burton was sentenced for the first-degree murder of Shelli Crocket.

Shelli Crockett was killed in the Shore Memorial Hospital parking lot in Nassawadox on November 28, 2016. According to evidence, she died from 46 different stab wounds of which the coroner said likely two were fatal. Several witnesses placed Burton at the scene with some testifying that they saw Burton stabbing Crockett with her screaming and seeing blood splattering on the ground.

When the sentencing hearing began on Monday Judge Lewis explained that the court was dealing with 2 matters, one was a probation violation, with 15 years still pending, which was suspended at a previous trial and the conviction on July 19, 2017 of Mr. Burton for first degree murder of Shelli Crockett.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Bruce Jones told the court that Burton had been sentenced to 20 years for malicious wounding with 15 years suspended before the July 18 trial of Crockett’s first-degree murder. Jones told the court that he was asking that they impose the entire 15 years of suspended time and then stated that Crockett’s murder was the most violent crime he had seen in his career and that a “monster” with no remorse came to his mind and should never see the outside of the jail again. Defense attorney Carl Bundick told the court that they understood the jury’s sentence was life in prison but Burton was asking for an immediate appeal attorney upon sentencing.

Judge Lewis told Burton that the victim in this case was a daughter, a sister and a mother and that he would be punished for this crime. Lewis then sentenced Burton to the full 15 years of the suspended sentence for malicious wounding conviction and to life for the first-degree murder of Shelli Crockett. Lewis then remanded the defendant to the custody of Sheriff for transportation to the state penitentiary.