On Monday in Northampton County Circuit Court Kajuan Walker and his codefendant Carl Stackhouse both from Rockaway, New York were facing the sentencing from their credit card spree in Virginia Beach that occurred earlier this year.

Both defendants pled guilty on April 10, 2017. Stackhouse faced 10 counts including possession of tax cigarettes over the limit and giving false ID to police. Walker faced 24 counts of credit card theft and 3 counts of possession of a document for the purpose of establishing a false identity.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Beverly Leatherbury told the court that when the defendants stopped at the Chesapeake Bay toll booth the attendant smelled marijuana and that the car was subsequently searched leading to their arrest. Officers found 42 credit cards and 119 cartons of cigarettes. Leathurbury said that only 14 banks responded with information suitable to prosecute. Leatherbury stated that Stackhouse while out on bond committed similar offenses in Maryland and Williamsburg Virginia. Based on the banks that responded she requested restitution at $11,641.77. In Walker’s case, he was facing 24 counts of credit card theft and 3 counts of possession of a false ID with one additional count for the cigarette possession.

The cases were individually heard. Judge Lewis sentenced Stackhouse to 5 years on each of 10 counts with all but 6 months on each count suspended totaling 60 months for his involvement in the credit card scam, to 12 months with all but 6 months suspended for the false ID charge and to 12 additional months on his participation in the cigarettes with all of that time suspended giving Stackhouse 5 years and 6 months of active jail time with 50 years of suspended time and good behavior for life.

In the Walker case, Lewis sentenced him to 4 years on each of 10 counts suspending it all but 2 months on each, to 12 months on the false ID charge suspending it all but 4 months, and to 12 months on the cigarette charge with all of the time suspended with 3 years of probation and 10 years of good behavior

Judge Lewis ordered the restitution of $11,641.77 to be equally divided between the 2 defendants explaining to them that they would remain on probation until the restitution was paid in full.