By Wesley Edwards

Stewart Hall told the Accomack County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday night that the new public service building at Sawmill Park is basically complete and that he expects to begin moving in next week with completion by the end of the year.

He explained the new building has 3,500 sq. ft. and will be occupied by 9 public service employees and that they will no longer be paying the $72,000 lease for the used-car lot office along 13. He stated that the building has metal siding and a metal roof with solar panels with a capacity of 38 kW making the site electrically neutral. Also, the solar energy part of the facility had a final cost of $105,000, $100,000 of which was funded from the proffer provided by the solar plant in New Church. Stewart then told the supervisors that without the proffer, the solar energy part of the project would have had a 14 to 15 year payback.