By Wesley Edwards

Patrick Corey of Horntown pled guilty in Accomack County Circuit Court on Thursday charges of making a bomb threat at the local Tysons food processing plant, and disorderly conduct with property destruction. A separate charge was created back in May when the defendant failed to show for his trial. A Capias was issued and he was arrested in Norfolk.

Judge Lewis explained to the defendant that he was facing a maximum sentence of 11 years a $5000 fine plus all court costs.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan said that on April 8, 2016 the defendant asked to leave work early and the request was denied with the defendant becoming angry taking a shovel to a light fixture and an overhead light before threatening to bomb the place. Morgan then told the court that it took 5 officers to subdue the defendant. Subsequently after cooling down he told the officers he really didn’t mean it.

Defense attorney Carl Bundick told the court that the facility did not shut down or lose any time and he was requesting that the court consider those facts.

Judge Lewis then continued the cases until February 5, 2018 are such other time that could be agreed to by the Commonwealth and the defense attorney. Bundick was asking if the court could sentence him on December 14.