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Our Loyal Listeners!

I love the new website. Much easier to explore things. I’ve got it saved to my favorites. :) -Missy Wessells
Love the facelift! Much easier to navigate from my portable devices! -Beth Coulman
Love the news and weather when going to work and the music on week nights! -Peter Zach
Lovin’ Charlie on Swap Shop! -Schuyler Hurlbut
I’ve always been a listener of WESR…and I mean always! Ever since I can remember, WESR has been on every morning in our house. It’s what wakes us up and sends us on our way each day. Whether it’s on the way to work, in the car, then again during meal prep and dinner. WESR has been a part of my entire childhood and though out my adult life as well. We love all the local news and information and truly appreciate all your hard work. Thank you, WESR, for being there for us all these years! -Lisa Gibb
Love the new website! It’s so easy to navigate, but still has that small town feeling! -Tracy Lankford
Shore Daily News serving the Eastern Shore proudly! -Terry Gwaltney
I love WESR’s programming! We’re sure lucky here on the Shore! -Margaret Van Clief
I Love listening to the Morning Show with Kelley. A Great! way to start your morning. Also, a day isn’t complete unless you tune into the Swap Shop hour. Thanks WESR! -Melissa Simpson
I listen to WESR most everyday. Always first thing in the morning while I cook breakfast. -Laurice Hohlt
“I Love your New Web page! Thank you for updating it, and letting everyone know that you’ve updated it on the radio. Such a breeze to read the latest news and shop on the shopping show. Thank you for all the many things you do to keep the radio on the shore! -Michele Birch
Best radio station ever! -Deborah Christie
I really like your new website. -Gayle Ashby
Loving the new format, much easier to navigate! -Robert Joynes
I just love starting my day with WESR. So glad we have our locally owned radio station! -Janice Hart
Thank you so much for always making my day better!! Love the morning show!!!!!!! -Terry Bundick
Great Job! -Kevin Linton
Like your new page👍 -Jackie Taylor
Really enjoy listening to Swap Shop. -Gary Konkel
The new webpage looks GREAT! -Brooke Byrd-Joynes
Hello hard working WESR team! I really love the new site, beautiful and easy to navigate quickly. Thank you! -Sara Smith
Thanks for doing contests! I love WESR 103.3❤❤ -Candee Reid
I like to look at the web site at the end of the day. It is very informative. The weather, shopping show, community calendar, school cancelations are all great sites to read. The news keeps me updated on what is going on around the Shore. The new web-site is very friendly to use. Keep the good work up. Thank you for making this such an important part of the Eastern Shore! -Debbie Stevens
WESR is our source for local news and weather. Thank you! -Rebecca Barnes
I listen to your station everyday and love the new website!!!!!! -Kathryn Ashby
Love the new look of your website! I didn’t realize how much I miss listening to WESR until I started traveling for work more! Keep up the good work y’all! -Kim Davis
New web page looks really good! -Lynn Bloomquist
I absolutely, positively love your new layout! A day without ShoreDailyNews is like a day without love. Keep thrilling us! -Rosie Kort
Love your new website !! -Andrea Derby
Love Shore Daily News for local news. -Mary Beth Eye
The is really awesome!. Very colorful for reading and admiring as well. It covers an array of information for all. Thanks for doing such great job!! KEEP UP THE INFORMATIVE NEWS THAT YOUR TEAM PROVIDES. -Carolyn Charnock
I listen everyday to WESR. Keep up the great work all of you do! -Denise Hurst
The new website design is GREAT!!!!!!! Keep up the good work! -Rick Wallace
Awesome site. -Brandon Pruitt
Like the new website! -Kim Marshall
Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest! Keep up the good work informing our community. -Roxane Ward
Great looking web page! -Paige Ross
Like the new website layout. Thank you for cleaning it up. -Dave Gouldin
Couldn’t get thru the day without listening to WESR. -Brenda Ames
New website looks great, easy on the eyes and easy to view. Good job! -Leah Fisher
Love the new format. Look at it every morning. -Bryan Smith
New website looks great! -Bryan Perry
Like the new format. -Charles Dennis
WESR is awesome. I listen every morning on my way to work. -Lakesha Gummeson
Love the new website. Very streamlined and easy to use for all ages! All the Shore news in one convenient spot. Thank you, guys! -Lawren Bryce Slate
I love your new streaming. It is simply awesome!!! -Ellen Dix
Great new page. -Jackie Taylor
Love your new website! It glides smoothly to the next screen and is user friendly. Thanks! -Traci Johnson
I like your radio station. Because you care about the community. -Eloise Lord
Love Kelley in the morning! -Cindy Galambos
Really like the new web site. Congratulations! -Joan Murden
I listen to both stations all the time. -Patricia Williams
WESR is a great way for local businesses to advertise :) Everyone at WESR provides great customer service! -April Woods
Exciting news about the website! -Diane Wilson
The new website is wonderful! The community calendar page is my new favorite webpage and is is so nice I can add the events straight to my phone. -Elizabeth Russell
Love the new website!!! -Karrie Williams
I enjoy listening to WESR in the morning for weather and local news. I also enjoy swap shop. -Maureen Stout
Love listening to Kelley in the morning & Tom on Thursdays. What an awesome station! -Candie Daffin
Great place to get news and updates for the Shore! -William Beach
I listen to you everday when I am getting up and ready for work and then again on my way home. I would be lost without you! -Paige Marra
We love WESR! -Mark Reiter
Keep up the good work! -Kyle Sturgis
Thanks for providing the Shore with up to date and reliable news! -Jennifer Beach
Listen to you guys all the time. Everyone support your local economy!! -Richie Collins
Very nice web page. I love ……It 😍 -Jackie Taylor
Nice web page! -Linda Ross
Love the updated website! -Jessica Gladding
The new website look is awesome. -Shervonia Dickerson
Excited about the new page. -Jennifer Reed
Great New Look. Fantastic coverage. Could link up to the Double Doppler Weather Deck @ Dingley’s Mill and increase coverage and listening audience. -John Downing
Like the new website! -Jamie Davis
I love looking at the swap shop tab! The new site is fancy. -Clifton Graves
like the new format. -Wayde Fowler
Great local station. -Mark Farm
Like your new web site! -David Stevens
I like the new look of your web page. -Al Barnes
Really like your new website. Thank you for your community services. -Paul Neal
Great New Web Site! -Jesse Wilson
We listen to WESR all the time! -Candy Savage
Love the new web page! -Patsy Goard
I love listening to WESR. It enables me to keep up with our local news in this busy world! -Zina Parks
Love listening to the morning show! Have a great day! -Michelle Wilson
Love both stations! – Sandra Johnson
WESR is my mental gyroscope and informs my thinking. I like the personal touches and camaraderie. -Warren Smith
I’ve enjoyed listening to your station for the last 32 years. Keep up the good work. -Linda Kreisl
The new is so easy to use! I really like the drill. My loving wife gave me one 25 years ago that I still use. -Ralph W. Dodd
Love the new web page. I check in everyday and it was nice to see a fresh new format. -Michelle Fakezas
I like the new sight. -David baker
Congratulations! I love the new look of SHOREDAILYNEWS.COM. This site is a regularly used bookmark for me to find local news. Thanks for being there and making it easy to use. -Beth Mills
Shore Daily News serving the Eastern Shore proudly! -Terry Gwaltney
Love the new page! -Cliff Murden
Love listening to Kelly and hearing all my local news and events. New website changes are very nice and user friendly!! Donna Croushore on Saxis!!
Nice work on the new website. Longtime listener to your streaming broadcast from Hanover, PA. -Steve Musser
I listen to WESR everyday! -Cathy Tapman

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