By Wesley Edwards

An Accomack County Jury found Stanley Avon Ames not guilty of shooting at an occupied vehicle and handling a firearm recklessly Wednesday.

Ames became involved in an altercation with his girlfriend Vanessa Drummond, which occurred at the home of a friend after another male individual showed up. Following the argument, Ames left the scene and returned to his home near Bobtown. Drummond then discovered her tires had been slashed and she and her friend Sandra Hill took Hill’s car and went to Ames’ home. According to testimony, when Drummond exited the vehicle to approach the house, what appeared to be gun shots rang out. Drummond and Hill then returned to Hill’s home and notified the Sherriff’s Department. Deputy McCready testified that he arrived finding what appeared to be bullet holes in Hill’s car.

Ames denied that he slashed anyone tires and said he did not own a firearm and never had.

After closing arguments, the jury deliberated for approximately one hour before returning not guilty verdicts for both charges.